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Bethpage Water District Participates in Productive In-Person Meeting with U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer (NY) and Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer to Address Northrop Grumman/U.S. Navy Groundwater Plume

During In-Person Meeting With Secretary Spencer, Schumer Raised Crucial Need for Toxic Plume Cleanup At Navy-Grumman Site & Said Navy Must Do More to Promptly Cover Water Districts’ Costs

10/13/2017 -- Alongside Navy Secretary and Michael Boufis, Bethpage Water District Superintendent, Schumer Again Presses To Contain Contamination, Speed-Up Payments & Encourage More Navy-Northrop Grumman Cooperation and Information Sharing Schumer: Grumman Plume Meeting Marks Rare Opportunity For Local Water Districts To Speak Directly With Navy Secretary & Advance Clean-Up Efforts

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Bethpage Water District Pursued Pilot Study: Prepared to Treat 1,4-Dioxane

District Assures Residents There Are No Sites in Bethpage Where Any Level of Contaminant Exceeds State and Federal Regulations

1/18/2017 -- In light of recent reports, the Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners would like to reassure its residents that there are currently no sites within the Bethpage Water District service area that have exceeded state and federal regulations for any contaminant.

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