Water District

Check the Pipes Before You Fly South

Bethpage Water District Reminds Residents Frozen Pipes Burst and Flood Over a Quarter Million Homes Every Winter

12/15/2014 -- As temperatures continue to decline, many Bethpage residents choose to lock up their Long Island homes and head towards warmer weather for the fall and winter seasons. Bethpage Water District reminds these residents to take the necessary preventive actions to ensure pipes don’t burst, leak, or freeze during their absence.

Bethpage Water District Urges Residents to Prepare for the Winter

Helpful Tips for the Upcoming Winter

12/15/2014 -- With the winter season approaching, Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners William Ellinger, John Sullivan and Gary Bretton remind residents to take action in order to protect their pipes, sprinkler systems and meters against possible damage from freezing temperatures.

Bethpage Students Go With the Flow

Local elementary school students learn where water comes from when touring Bethpage Water Plant 4

12/04/2014 -- Bethpage Water District (BWD) Board of Commissioners, Chairman William J. Ellinger, Treasurer John R. Sullivan, Secretary Gary S. Bretton and Secretary to the Board Sal Greco, recently invited local students to tour the District’s Plant 4 on Sophia Street in Bethpage. Throughout the tour, Superintendent Michael Boufis and Senior Water Plant Operator Peter Schimmel detailed the path water takes before reaching faucets to Charles Campagne, Kramer Lane and Central Boulevard Elementary School students.

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