Water FAQ

One of the Earth’s most versatile natural substances, water is utilized in a myriad of ways. In broader terms, we use it to travel on, to create with and to stay alive.

Consider for a moment your daily routine. How many times do you simply turn on the tap to the flow of water to complete your tasks? Everyday activities such as showering, shaving, tooth brushing, flushing the toilet, washing clothes, rinsing dishes and making coffee all involve water usage. If you stop and think about it, we have the luxury of an abundant supply of drinking water that is safe to drink 24/7.

This section is designed for the Bethpage Water District community to find out more about the tap water.

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  • After working all day in the yard, I am tempted to quench my thirst by taking a drink from the garden hose. Is this safe? ...click for more
  • Is it safe to drink from a public drinking fountain? ...click for more
  • How important is water to the human body? ...click for more
  • Will I get sick from drinking water from local streams or rivers, even if they are not stagnant? ...click for more
  • Who is responsible for the repair of water service lines? ...click for more
  • Why do I have to pay for water that results from a leak? ...click for more
  • I am selling my house. What do I need to do to close out my account with the Bethpage Water District? ...click for more
  • How do I have my water service turned on? ...click for more
  • I'm installing a sprinkler system, is there anything I need to do? ...click for more
  • Are watering regulations still in effect? ...click for more
  • Is there really water being stored in my local water tower? ...click for more
  • Why does water swirl when it goes down the drain? ...click for more
  • Is it better to use hot or cold water when preparing a meal? ...click for more
  • How long can I store drinking water? ...click for more
  • How can I prevent the pollution of drinking water sources? ...click for more
  • Should I buy bottled water? ...click for more
  • Can I make baby formula with my hot tap water? ...click for more
  • Will putting a brick in my toilet tank really save water? ...click for more
  • I want to kill the weeds on my lawn, but don’t want to endanger local wildlife that drink water on the ground. What should I do? ...click for more
  • I want a beautiful landscape that is water efficient. What should I plant? ...click for more
  • Is there a way that I can shut off my water in an emergency? ...click for more
  • How does nature recycle water? ...click for more
  • When I turn on my tap, where is the water coming from? ...click for more
  • I have heard that the drinking water on Long Island comes from aquifers. What exactly are aquifers? ...click for more
  • If there is such a water shortage on earth, why aren’t we just drinking the ocean water? ...click for more
  • Is the water supplied by the Bethpage Water District safe to drink? ...click for more
  • Is water with chlorine in it safe to drink? ...click for more
  • Why would my tap water be reddish in color or “rusty?” ...click for more
  • What does the Bethpage Water District add to our water? ...click for more
  • What are water standards? ...click for more
  • My tap water looks cloudy sometimes. Does this mean it is contaminated? ...click for more
  • Does the Bethpage Water District add fluoride to the drinking water? ...click for more