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Friday, October 27, 2023

Bethpage Water District Celebrates 100 Years

Lighting the Night with a Drone for the Ages!

Not many institutions hit the century mark, but Bethpage Water District certainly did! To commemorate this prestigious milestone, Bethpage Water District and the Bethpage Chamber of Commerce held a birthday bash celebration on September 30, 2023 in downtown Bethpage.

What started as a rainy day turned into a fun-filled afternoon and evening. More than 2,000 people enjoyed shopping with local merchants, feasting on great food, and rocking out to live music performed by The Electric Dudes, followed by Endless Summer. There were plenty of games and rides for the kids, and Bethpage Water District provided learning experiences about what makes them one of the most advanced water service providers in the nation.

The evening culminated with a spectacular drone show…one of the largest drone show displays ever on Long Island.

"The thousands-strong crowd at our centennial celebration experienced something they've never seen before on Long Island. A truly historic event and complete 'wow' moment," said Michael Boufis, Bethpage Water District Superintendent. "Over 100 drones created aerial images in lights depicting the iconic Bethpage water tower, a fire hydrant, a flowing water faucet and more. This event is the realization of countless hours of planning and preparation by our employees and other individuals who work tirelessly to serve the Bethpage community."

H2M Architects + Engineers and Philip Ross Industries were the event's main sponsors of entertainment and the drone show. Several awards of distinction were presented to individuals for their dedication to the District and the community of Bethpage. The Water District also celebrated the 100-year anniversary of both the Parish of Saint Martin of Tours and St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church.

"For a century, the Bethpage Water District has consistently provided high-quality drinking water to our customers. We have one of, if not the most, advanced water treatment systems in the nation. Addressing pollution and ensuring clean, quality drinking water is our mission and it was important for us to do something special for Bethpage, a place we all call home," said Scott Greco, Bethpage Water District Commissioner.

Cheers to another 100 years of providing Long Island and the residents of Bethpage with great tasting, quality drinking water!

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