Bill Sample


Sample Water Bill


Use the letters below to identify parts of existing bill.

The Bethpage Water District recently updated its billing system to make it easier for our customers to read and identify. Our new billing system is designed to give consumers a clear view of their water usage and responsibilities. Here is a simple overview for your convenience.

A. Address to which the bill is mailed.

B. Service address is the location of the property which receives the water. Addresses A & B are often the same - but not always.

C. Account number.

D. Billing period (Three months).

E. The date the bill is posted to your account.

F. The date payment must be received in the district office to avoid penalty.

G. Compares the readings on the meter at the beginning and the end of the billing period.

H. The gallons of water used during the three-month billing period.

I. This column indicates codes for specific types of charges.

Billing Codes

1- Actual Reading
2- Estimated Reading
3- Customer Reading
4- Minimum Charge
5- Miscellaneous charge
6- Fire Sprinkler Charge
7- Hydrant Standby
8- Minimum Usage
13- Final Bill
20- Credit Adjustment
22- Debit Adjustment

J. The total amount to be paid is the sum of K and L which are:

K. Past due amounts for previous billing periods and

L. Amount owed for the current period.

M. You will find valuable information under the "NOTICE" section.

N. Perforated area where top section detaches for inclusion with payment.

O. This area is used for important consumer messages from the water district.