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ORION® Cellular endpoint
ORION® Cellular endpoint

The ORION® Cellular endpoint device meets all applicable legal requirements of Part 15, Part 22, and Part 24 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In addition, radio frequency signals broadcast from the endpoint devices are well below the levels most people come in contact with on a typical day in their home. Devices such as television sets, wireless phones, and cell phones all utilize radio frequency technology that provides much greater contact to radio frequency signals. 

The ORION Cellular endpoint operates like a cell phone and under normal operation wakes up once a day to transmit reading data. Under typical operation, the endpoint transmits reading data for seconds per day meaning that the endpoint may transmit as little energy in one month as a 30 second cell phone call. There may be additional transit time and energy during the registration period which varies from communication to communication. Additionally, the exposure to radio frequency signals decreases with the square of the distance to the device. This means the farther away anyone is from the radio frequency device, the less the (RF) contact. For example, the energy measured two feet away from the endpoint is 1/4 of the energy measured at a distance of one foot. 

Since the ORION endpoint is typically located in the basement, on the outside of the house or in a pit below grade, the extended distance and material between the endpoint and the individual further reduces contact with radio frequency signals. Further information regarding the ORION endpoint and its approval for use in water meter reading applications can be found on the FCC website.