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Monday, July 8, 2019

Myth: Bethpage Water used to be the best tasting water in the New York State but the Northrop Grumman Plume has ruined that.


Fact: FALSE. The water that is pumped, treated and filtered is the same water it has always been with the exception of the addition of chlorine. The rating of "Best Tasting Water" is performed every year in the first week of May and is a blind taste test with pedestrians at a college or shopping mall doing the taste testing. No real science to it.The Bethpage Water District has won "Best Tasting Water" numerous times in the past 30 years, despite the GROUND WATER being contaminated, and also was the best tasting in New York State in 2006.
The addition of chlorine has put us on an equal playing field with the rest of Nassau County's Water Districts and each district that wins is a chlorinating district. We recognize that chlorine can be an aesthetically unpleasing taste to some but if you pour water into an open top jug and refrigerate it overnight, the chlorine will dissipate out on its own

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