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Monday, June 24, 2019

Myth: Drinking bottled water is better than tap water because it is safer.

Fact: Not necessarily. In fact, the vast majority of bottled water brands are municipal or public waters repackaged and sold. So you are actually drinking public water in a designer bottle. The bottled water industry and public water industry are governed by the Federal Government. However, the public water supply is overseen by the EPA and the bottled water industry by the FDA. The EPA has historically been more stringent than the FDA and the frequency of analysis are not required in the bottled water industry as they are in the public water. Bottled water is a much larger expense, packaged in plastic bottles that some are composed of known carcinogens. Bottled water is a convenience that all of us utilize but to say it is safer is just not accurate. Actual taste preference is subjective.

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