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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Myth: The news media is telling the story that the Bethpage Water District does not want told.

Fact: This is completely FALSE. Within the water industry, there are countless men and women who have dedicated their lives to safe drinking water and making sure that our supply is safe for future generations, for ALL Water Districts. Their life's effort is to protect all of us 24/7, 365 days per year. There is no grand conspiracy because, after all, many of the people in our towns are our friends and family of water industry professionals.

An abundance of the information provided by the media outlets to the public is given to them directly FROM the water supplier themselves. If there was ever an issue with the safety of the water, the water district would be the first to alert their customers. There are laws in place that mandate a notification protocol, as well as the use of mass media, but the information would be driven by the Water District...not a misleading headline.

The news media generates stories to sell news...that is their job, the truth is not a requirement. They will continually create headlines that implicate our town and it's people by calling this environmental disaster the "Bethpage Plume" if the town, it's residents or the Bethpage Water District are some how the responsible party. They use pictures of our water tanks on the front page and other landmarks as if the Bethpage Water District is some how responsible for the disaster the NAVY and NORTHROP GRUMMAN have created. They fail to call it what it truly is..."THE NAVY/NORTHROP GRUMMAN PLUME".

Typically in the media, a crime or wrong doing is labeled by the perpetrator and NOT the victim. The Sharon Tate murders?, it is the Manson Murders. Son of Sam?, Jeffrey Dahmer?, Exxon Valdez? These are all named after the perpetrators, as it should be. The media doesn't seem to care about the impact it has on our community, it's people or the real estate perception. They care more about the shock value and selling papers and commercial space rather than the accurate truth of our DRINKING WATER continually being safe for everyone to use despite the environmental, financial and overall impact this disaster has placed upon our town.

Shame on them.

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