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Monday, June 10, 2019

NEWS: Long Island's water is the most contaminated in the State.


FACT: This statement is not any type of Woodward & Bernstein expose, yet it is a statement in the obvious. To the lay person, it may sound shocking and an "ah hah" moment but to the person that has been following any of the events in the last 6 decades will recognize that this statement is equivalent to saying..."Long Island pays the highest property taxes in the State". None of it should be any real surprise.

The entire island gets their DRINKING WATER from GROUND WATER sources, much of which has been contaminated by decades of pollution. The water is filtered and treated by ALL Nassau County Water Districts to meet or exceed regulatory limits imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This type of headline is nothing more than an attempt to shock and sell news stories. The more appropriate headline should read "LONG ISLAND'S DRINKING WATER IS AMONG THE SAFEST IN THE COUNTRY"...'Despite years of ground water contamination by multiple unaccountable polluters'. This is not the type of headline papers want to sell because it does not have teeth. The plane that crashes is a much more compelling news story than the hundreds of thousands of planes that land safely.

Once again, the Finished DRINKING WATER is safe to drink. The vast majority of New York State obtains THEIR water from SURFACE WATER sources that have their own multitude of issues with contamination (natural or otherwise) and need to be filtered multiple times to be considered safe, as well. We will continue in our effort to hold the polluters accountable (United States Navy & Northrop Grumman) and we will persevere for our town, our families and ourselves.

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