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Monday, April 15, 2019

Who is responsible for my water service line?

    Every district has different ordinances defining the responsible party for the maintenance and repair of the water service line. In Bethpage, the Water District is responsible for the water main, service tap connection and water service pipe to the curb stop. The water district is also responsible for the meter, if it is inside the house or if it is in a meter pit.

    The curb stop is a valve approximately 4 feet below the surface and it is located under the curb box, which is a small round cap typically painted blue. The majority of homes have them in the grass strip between the curb and sidewalk. A small amount of homes have them in the front lawn and an even smaller amount has it in an alternate location. The area is typically marked by a blue stripe painted on the curb. Sometimes they are just under the surface or a few inches down as grass has grown over top of them, but they are there. This valve can turn the water on or off to the house and if work is being performed, a key can be obtained at the office by leaving a refundable deposit of $100. The water service line from the curb stop to the house is the responsibility of the owner. Any other plumbing connections and fittings within the house or outside of the house belong to the homeowner and it is their responsibility.

    Bethpage is not a water and sewer district. We only have jurisdiction over the potable water supply and do not have any authority over the sewer line or any waste water concerns, including storm water and drainage in the streets.

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