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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bethpage Water District responds to Bethpage High School Radium Concerns

The Bethpage Water District is committed to ensuring the safety of the drinking water for the residents and consumers in the District. The drinking water provided by the District to homes, schools and businesses is completely safe to drink and utilize. 

As the region’s leading experts on water quality, monitoring and testing, we are vigilant and constantly test our water to ensure its safety. Our monitoring protocols exceed all local, state and federal requirements. Should safety or health concerns arise relating to the integrity of our drinking water, the Bethpage Water District will notify consumers and residents immediately.

The groundwater test results announced by the Bethpage School District, which have been reported by the media, were performed only on shallow groundwater monitoring wells and not on drinking water wells.   

We concur with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) statement,

“…the groundwater is not used for drinking and there is no other exposure to groundwater (the water is 60 feet below ground surface), there are no immediate health concerns identified for students, staff, or visitors to the school due to the presence of the radium.”

None of the water from the groundwater monitoring wells tested by the Bethpage School District is used in any way at Bethpage High School.     

The Bethpage Water District has offered its expertise, knowledge and support to the Bethpage School District and we look forward to working with them to help accurately educate students and parents that the water is safe to drink at all Bethpage schools.

We have been in communication with elected officials at all levels of government including Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer, Congressman King, Congressman Suozzi, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Saladino, as well as Commissioner Seggos of the New York State DEC, and New York State Department of Health.    

Further, we demand all elected officials and leaders to join with us today to call upon Northrop Grumman and the United States Navy to take responsibility and work with the community to resolve all the issues related to the Northrop Grumman Plume.

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