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Friday, December 9, 2016

Prevent Pipe Bursts and Flooding This Winter

Residents Urged to Take Necessary Precautions to Prepare for Effects Freezing Temperatures Have on Water Infrastructure


The Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners John F. Coumatos, William J. Ellinger and John R. Sullivan remind residents that winter weather can negatively impact pipes, meters and other water facilities.  To prevent potential flooding or water pipe leaks, the District urges residents to take the proper precautions.

“Residents should have their sprinkler systems winterized before colder temperatures put these systems at risk of freezing,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman William J. Ellinger. “Additionally, there are many other ways to prepare for the winter season that does not require hiring a professional. By taking a few simple steps, residents can avoid costly repairs from potential weather damage.”Turning off and draining all water service lines to outdoor irrigation systems, including sprinklers, fountains and outside faucets, is essential to preventing freezing and breaks.

The District also recommends disconnecting any garden hoses and making sure your water meter cover is secure and that its cover is intact.  Inside the home, residents should be aware of any spaces where pipes are not insulated or within an unheated area. If faucets are fed from water pipes on the outside the wall, the constant flow of dripping water from the faucet overnight will help prevent freezing. Finally, be sure to open cabinet doors to allow heat to reach any un-insulated pipes or wrap any un-insulated pipes with insulation.

For more information, please contact the Bethpage Water District at 516-931-0093, or visit the District’s website,                    

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