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Friday, July 8, 2016

Bethpage Water Helps Community Keep their "EyeOnWater"

Water District to Feature New Digital Meter System at Bethpage Fair

Bethpage Water District (BWD) Board of Commissioners William J. Ellinger, John R. Sullivan and John F. Coumatos invite the Bethpage community to visit the BWD technology booth at the annual Bethpage Chamber of Commerce Fair to see the ongoing “EyeOnWater” project in action. The booth will be open August 11-13 from 6-11p.m. where residents will be able to navigate the digital meters and see their own home water usage with the precise metrics the meters provide.


“We make it a priority to take advantage of every opportunity to educate our neighbors about the exciting new ways we are improving the community’s water service,” said William J. Ellinger, Chairman of the Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners. “Conservation and careful consideration of our water usage as a community are paramount to maximizing our most precious resource. It has never been more important to keep our ‘EyeOnWater,’ and our digital meters present the best opportunity for residents to do so.”


Water industry experts from the Bethpage Water District will be at the booth throughout the fair to show residents the most efficient ways to navigate the meters and how they receive email notifications for complications such as water leaks and unusually-high levels of water usage. All water usage is recorded on the “EyeOnWater” system so residents can easily understand when and how they use the greatest amounts of water per day. This information can help the community determine how they can better conserve and save money on their bills.


For more information please log on to, the District’s Facebook page at or Twitter at @BethpageW.

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