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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bethpage Water District Encourages the Proper Use of Fertilizers and Lawn Chemicals

As the warm weather approaches and residents begin their spring cleaning, the Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners William J. Ellinger, John F. Coumatos and John R. Sullivan are encouraging the local community to use and dispose of lawn chemicals and fertilizers correctly. Pesticides and fertilizers can impact the ground water source if not used within manufacturer’s specifications.  Educating residents on proper lawn chemical use can ensure the highest quality of water.

“The appropriate use of garden utilities is an important step toward safeguarding our groundwater supply,” said BWD Commissioner and Chairman William J. Ellinger. “Chemicals must be kept in well-ventilated, cool, dry locations and sealed in clearly labeled original leak proof containers.”

In addition to using lawn chemicals properly, residents must also be sure to not overuse these chemicals to protect the environment. Residents should always be aware of the products they are using in order to determine its result and should consult manufacturer instructions before use.

“The District makes it their priority to provide the highest quality of water possible to the Bethpage community each day,” said Water Commissioner John F. Coumatos. “It is imperative that any spills from lawn care procedures be quickly contained, cleaned or neutralized and properly disposed of.”

In compliance with New York state regulations, the Board of Commissioners would like to remind residents and local business owners to have all backflow prevention devices examined by a certified tester from the State Department of Health. The Bethpage Water District will send certified professionals to perform the backflow testing at no charge to residents. These tests should occur annually in order to help protect the community’s water supply.

“We want to remind our residents that we all need to do our part in protecting our water supply,” said Commissioner John R. Sullivan. “We need to make a conscious effort to correctly use any pesticides or fertilizers, make sure we properly examine our backflow devices and help conserve during the warmer weather and high-use months.”

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