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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bethpage Water District: Be Mindful of Lawn Chemicals and Fertilizer Use

Improper Use of Pesticides Could Harm Groundwater



The Bethpage Water District urges residents to adhere to manufacturer instructions when using and disposing of lawn chemicals and fertilizers. When improperly applied, pesticides and fertilizers can leak into well water, particularly if the well is located near the residence. In order to maintain the highest quality of water possible, the district encourages residents to learn more about proper lawn chemical use.

“When tending to their lawns, residents should pay attention to the selection, storage and use of garden products to prevent any chemical leakage,” said Bethpage Water Commissioner and Chairman William J. Ellinger. “Chemicals should be kept in well-ventilated, cool, dry locations and sealed in clearly labeled original leak proof containers.”

Using more chemicals than what is necessary will cause the environment more harm than good. When applying pesticides and fertilizers, a homeowner should always be familiar with the chemical product to determine the impact of its use, and always apply the minimum amount suggested on the manufacturer’s label instructions. If a spill should occur, it is imperative it be quickly contained, cleaned or neutralized and properly disposed.

“The safety of our residents is our number one priority,” said Water Commissioner Gary S. Bretton. “By adhering to proper lawn chemical application procedures, we can maintain the high quality water supply now and for future generations.”

In compliance with New York state regulations, the Board of Commissioners reminds residents and local business owners to have all backflow prevention devices for underground sprinklers examined by a certified tester from the State Department of Health. The Bethpage Water District will send certified professionals to perform the backflow testing at no charge to residents. These tests should occur annually in order to help protect the community’s water supply.

“We all use more water as the warm weather hits, therefore it is important to protect this resource,” said Commissioner John R. Sullivan. “Correctly using any pesticides or fertilizers and making sure we properly examine our backflow devices are just two of the ways residents can make a difference in our water supply.”

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