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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bethpage Water District Reminds Residents to Conserve When Filling Swimming Pools

District Offers Tips To Avoid Wasting Water and Lower Bill

The Bethpage Water District reminds residents of proper pool-filling procedures to help save water. Following a few simple tips can help residents make a significant contribution towards water conservation during the hot summer months ahead.  

“As temperatures begin to rise, it’s imperative residents keep water restrictions in mind when filling their pools,” said Bethpage Water Commissioner William J. Ellinger. “By following just a few simple tips, residents can help protect our water supply throughout the summer and in the years to come.”
In addition, the Bethpage Water Commissioners remind residents New York State regulation requires the annual testing of backflow prevention devices for swimming pools by a certified tester from the State Department of Health. The tests ensure if water pressure is reduced or fails from issues such as a water main break, contaminated water from the ground or other sources cannot be drawn into the public water supply.  The Bethpage Water District will send personnel to test these devices free of charge to residents within the community. 

Residents should use the following pool-filling tips: 
If the pool is above ground, check for any possible holes or leaks before you begin filling, 
Remember not to turn on the pump until the swimming pool skimmer is half way full, to prevent burning up your pump,
Do not leave the pool unattended. Someone should be present at all times to turn off the water in case of a problem and for safety reasons, 
Do not add any chemicals to the pool until it is full and only add the amount of chemicals suggested by the pool’s manual. 

For more information on the Bethpage Water District including backflow testing, please visit, or The Bethpage Water District’s Facebook page at 

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