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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bethpage Water District Encourages Resident to Install Rain Sensors

Rain Sensors Can Help Conserve Water and Lower Monthly Bill




As spring approaches, the Bethpage Water District (BWD) Board of Commissioners, Chairman William J. Ellinger, Treasurer John R. Sullivan and Secretary Gary S. Bretton remind residents to follow all Nassau County regulations regarding sprinklers and lawn watering. Adhering to these regulations and installing a rain sensor can help reduce the amount of water wasted.   


“Using sprinkler systems properly can help residents reduce their daily water use and thereby lower their monthly bill,” said BWD Chairman William J. Ellinger. “Conserving responsibly all throughout year creates lower bills for consumers and alleviates the heavy demand on the BWD’s infrastructure allowing the district to run at optimal efficiency.”


Nassau County regulates the use of water for lawns, shrubs, trees, plants and vegetation of any type. According to the schedule, all residences and small businesses with even house numbers, or without numbers, may water their lawns on even days. Those that are odd numbered may water their lawns on odd days. Absolutely no watering between the hours of 10am & 4pm, however, any other time is permitted.  These regulations apply to automatic sprinklers as well as manually operated sprinklers.


“Keeping our grass and plants hydrated is important, but too much water can lead to deterioration of lawns and water wasted,” added BWD Secretary Gary S. Bretton. “Residents should make note of the amount of rainfall their property has received before starting their sprinklers. The installation of rain sensors will help make any necessary watering more exact and efficient.”


Rain sensors monitor moisture content in the air and will automatically skip the next irrigation session if too much moisture is present and it is not needed. On Long Island, lawns typically only require one to two inches of water per week for healthy growth.


“Installing rain sensors on automatic sprinkler systems can help prevent overwatering that could increase your bill and harm your lawn,” said BWD Treasurer John R. Sullivan. “The sensors represent an important way residents can play a role in the conservation and protection of our water supply now and into the future.”


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