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Friday, March 27, 2015

Bethpage Water District begins construction of a new Ground Storage Tank

2 MG Ground Storage Tank to be located at Plainview Road site.

Bethpage Water District is proud to announce that construction has commenced on a new 2 million gallon ground storage tank at it's Plainview Road site.  This new storage tank will be able to serve the continuing growth of our community and provide additional fire protection throughout the town.  This strategic location allows us to utilize areas away from the Grumman Plume contaminants, thereby alleviating operational costs of our filtered facilities.  As always, our production and distribution systems are sampled and monitored constantly by DIstrict personnel and our distribution system is randomly tested by the Nassau County Department of Health to assure that our water is the safest it can possibly be.  

The construction schedule has the completion of the tank estimated at the end of August.  The ground storage tank will allow greater flexibility to the DIstrict's operation without affecting the aesthetic view of the town and will cause little or no obstruction to our line of sight.  

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