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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bethpage Water District Invites Community to Celebrate National Groundwater Awareness Week 2015



The Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners Chairman William J. Ellinger, Treasurer John R. Sullivan and Gary S. Bretton reminds the community to be more aware of their water usage in honor of National Groundwater Week 2015. The district provides ways residents can protect, preserve and conserve their water supply for future generations and encourages their neighbors to create new strategies of their own.


“The future of our groundwater and our water supply relies on how well we protect and conserve it now,” said Commissioner Chairman William J. Ellinger. “We ask residents to educate themselves about their water and develop new ways we can ensure a high quality water supply for future generations.”


The Commissioners suggest residents and local business owners apply the following tips to their everyday lives during National Groundwater Week and every week after, to prevent overuse, decrease water bills and protect the status of Bethpage’s water supply:

·         Never dispose of cleaning products, chemicals, antifreeze, paints, fertilizers or any other hazardous substances down sinks and toilets

·         Properly dispose of expired medications in the garbage as opposed to household drains

·         Fill the dishwasher completely before using

·         Use the appropriate load size when using the washing machine

·         Avoid overuse of sink garbage disposals

·         Thaw frozen food in the microwave or overnight in the refrigerator rather than using running water


The Bethpage Water District invites student-based groups, including schools and scout troops, to tour the district and learn more about where the water comes from and the journey it takes from the ground to their faucets. The district will emphasize the importance of water conservation as part of its effort to encourage students to pursue the sciences and the water utility industry.   


National Groundwater Awareness Week is a nationwide initiative designed to encourage residents to protect the Earth’s most precious natural resource.  Water providers throughout the United States will celebrate from Sunday, March 8, through Saturday, March 14.


For more information, please contact the Bethpage Water District at 516-931-0093, visit or the District’s Facebook page at



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