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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bethpage Water Commissioners Warn Residents of "Phantom Flushing"

Defective Toilet Plumbing May Cause Increased Water Bill


The Bethpage Water District Board of Commissioners William J. Ellinger, Gary S. Bretton and John R. Sullivan remind residents “phantom flushing” and other internal plumbing issues can cause abnormally high water bills. “Phantom Flushing” refers to a gradual leak from the toilet’s reservoir tank into the toilet bowl, caused by a worn-out or defective flapper. The flapper is a rubber cover located at the bottom of the storage tank.


“To avoid paying more on your water bill, be sure to solve the “phantom flush” problem as soon as you detect your toilet is flushing when not in use,” Bethpage Board of Commissioners Chairman William J. Ellinger. “Any leak, no matter how small, can eventually add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water over a very short period of time.”


The Bethpage Water District urges residents to contact the district at the first sign of “phantom flushing.” The district will check the homeowner’s meter, and online meter data to determine if there is in fact a leak. If a leak is detected, there are tests residents can use to determine if a toilet’s flapper needs to be replaced.


Residents and local business owners should contact a certified plumber to correct the issue, or to confirm they have purchased the right flapper to fit their toilet. The Board of Commissioners remind residents to exercise caution and follow all instructions given by the toilet manufacturer should they choose to install their own flapper.


For more information, please contact the Bethpage Water District at 516-931-0093, visit or the District’s Facebook page at


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