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Monday, December 15, 2014

Check the Pipes Before You Fly South

Bethpage Water District Reminds Residents Frozen Pipes Burst and Flood Over a Quarter Million Homes Every Winter



As temperatures continue to decline, many Bethpage residents choose to lock up their Long Island homes and head towards warmer weather for the fall and winter seasons. Bethpage Water District reminds these residents to take the necessary preventive actions to ensure pipes don’t burst, leak, or freeze during their absence.


“Freezing temperatures can have damaging effects on water pipes during the winter months,” said Bethpage Water District Chairman William J. Ellinger. “We suggest that the community takes a few simple precautions to help protect their homes while away.”


The Board of Commissioners reminds homeowners to keep the following in mind before leaving homes unattended for the winter season:

o   Please consult with a heating professional if you decide to drain the internal plumbing in your home.

o   If you choose not to drain your internal plumbing, the thermostat should be set to a temperature no lower than 60 degrees.

o   Insulate all hot water pipes in unheated areas to prevent freezing or bursting.

o   Disconnect and drain all outside hose bibs.

o   Make sure your lawn sprinkler system is properly drained for the winter


The District encourages residents to schedule an appointment to install a new digital water meter and register for the online alert system “EyeOnWater.” With this new system, BWD will be able to detect any problems should a water-related emergency occur in your home while you are away. Before leaving, residents should also provide an emergency contact should the District need to gain access to your residence to solve the problem.


For more information regarding winter preparation or to leave an emergency contact please call Bethpage Water District at 516-931-0093 or visit, or The Bethpage Water District’s Facebook Page at  

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