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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Join Bethpage Water District in Honoring National Water Quality Month

“During National Water Quality Month, we are asking residents to be aware of their water use,” said Bethpage Water Commissioner and Chairman William Ellinger. “Efforts to conserve water will help us continue to serve our residents the high quality water they need to live comfortably. We have had a mild summer, and though the heat has not been overbearing, it is important that we still remember to conserve.”

The Bethpage Water District offers residents the following suggestions to help conserve water in homes:

·         Check faucets and pipes for leaks

·         Minimize shower time

·         Water lawns only when needed

·         Wash only full loads in dishwashers and laundry machines

In addition to monitoring consumption, residents should be equally aware of what they throw away, and how they do so. When applying pesticides and fertilizers, a homeowner should always read the manufacturer’s label to prevent over-applying and to ensure proper disposal.  Excess lawn chemicals can leak into storm drains, and ultimately leak into well water.

“The proper selection, storage and use of garden products are primary measures that can be taken to prevent any chemical leakage,” said Bethpage Water Commissioner John Sullivan. “Chemicals must be kept in well-ventilated, cool, dry locations and sealed in clearly labeled original leak proof containers. It is imperative that any outdoor spills be quickly contained, cleaned or neutralized and properly disposed of to prevent leaks into storm drains and groundwater supply.”

In compliance with New York state regulations, the Board of Commissioners reminds residents and local business owners to have all backflow prevention devices for underground sprinklers examined by a certified tester from the State Department of Health. The Bethpage Water District will send certified professionals to perform the backflow testing at no charge to residents. These tests should occur annually in order to help protect the community’s water supply.

“Our priority is to guarantee the safety of our residents by providing the most pristine water possible,” said Water Commissioner Gary Bretton. “National Water Quality Month creates the opportunity for community involvement in achieving this task. Proper pesticide use, waste removal and water conservation techniques all play a large role in protecting our water supply. We also ask residents to take full advantage of online billing as part of our ongoing effort to help the environment by conserving water and paper waste.”

For more information please log on to, the District’s Facebook page at or Twitter at @BethpageW.

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