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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Are there any emergency sources of water for a water district?


    Most water suppliers are physically connected to their neighboring district in order to supply water to the adjacent town in cases of extreme emergency or if a town is performing maintenance on their elevated tank.
    Within the water industry, these locations are called interconnections because the individual distribution systems are linked together with water main. The valves installed between the district boundaries remain off under normal circumstances and are tested annually to make sure of their proper operation.
    Bethpage has 15 interconnections with Plainview, Hicksville, South Farmingdale, Village of Farmingdale and the Town of Hempstead. Any one or combination of these valves can be opened to supply our town with water or our town can supply our neighbors, if the need arises. Bethpage has more than one tank so the need to open the interconnection for maintenance of one of the tanks is not necessary.

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