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Monday, March 18, 2019

What causes a well to turn on or off?


    It is all based on the demand within the distribution system. As was stated before, the tank supplies pressure to the town via gravity. There are pressure transmitters at the bottom of the elevated tank reporting to our monitoring system the amount of water remaining in the tank.

    As the level in the tank begins to drop, the pressure at the bottom of the tank will fall also. A preset pressure reading sends a signal to a well to start and if the level of the tank maintains itself or begins to fill, it will shut the well off at a pre determined level or when the tank becomes full. If the tank should continue to lose water after a well has been started, then additional wells or boosters will start in sequence to meet the demand in the distribution system.

    Eventually, the wells and boosters will be able to supply all of water needed within the distribution system and turn off as the tank is replenished. The start and stop point of every well and booster can be independently controlled by a state of the art computer system also known as SCADA, which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

    Water treatment operators can access the program from a desktop or mobile device at anytime day or night, from anywhere in the world to monitor and ensure the integrity and proper function of the system. It can also be controlled via pressure reading within the distribution system or manually within the pump stations.

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