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Thursday, January 3, 2019

What is redundant filter technology?


Once the water is pumped from the ground, the water runs through an air stripper. Upon exiting the air stripper, the water meets and exceeds EPA and Health department criteria for safe drinking water. The water is then pumped through massive carbon filters as an added level of protection. At some stations, it will go through an AOP process or ion exchange process before the carbon filters. If anything were ever to get passed the air stripping, the AOP or the ion exchange filters, the carbon would capture it before it enters the system. These systems are continuously sampled and monitored more frequently than what is required by Nassau County Department of Health. The multiple layers of filtration is what we refer to as redundant filter technology. Our plants that employ multiple filters are:

Plant 1: Ion Exchange/GAC
Plant 4: Air Stripping/GAC
Plant 5: Air Stripping/GAC
Plant 6: Air Stripping/AOP/GAC
Plant BGD: Ion Exchange/GAC

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