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Thursday, December 20, 2018

What is Air Stripping?


    Air stripping is an effective method to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from ground water. Raw ground water is introduced into the top of a large silo which is packed with golf ball sized media in order to disperse the water into fine droplets or mist. At the same time, filtered air flows upward through the silo “stripping” the water of the VOC’s. The action of the air passing the water gently scrubs the compounds out.
Once the water reaches the bottom of the silo, it has been stripped of VOC contamination and enters a clarified tank. From there, it can be treated further or pumped directly to the distribution system.

Are there any issues with the vapor leaving an air stripper?

    The water vapor or emissions of an air stripping silo generally cause no impact to the environment or human health. Several studies have been performed by Bethpage Water District on the air quality adjacent to the silo and the surrounding areas. The results have been non-detectable or atmospheric, meaning the air quality is the same as it would be if the air stripper was not there. If high concentrations of VOC are to be removed, an air filter on the exhaust of the silo is installed to capture all of the emitting air.

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