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Thursday, April 25, 2019

We all know water is a great natural resource, but did you know...?


- There is roughly the same amount of water on Earth now as there was when Earth was formed. It is in a continuous cycle, called the hydrological cycle, and your tap water could actually have molecules in it that were consumed by a dinosaur.

- Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or undrinkable. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers. That leaves just 1% for all of humanity’s needs including agricultural, residential and manufacturing.

- Water is part of a heavily interconnected system. What we pour into the ground, ends up in our water. What we emit into the sky also ends up in our water.

- Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. It also regulates the temperature of the human body, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues and removes waste.

- Approximately 70% of an adult's body is water. At birth, water accounts for 80% of a newborn's weight.

- A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, a cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds.

- Water is most dense at 39.2 degrees F. This physical characteristic allows icebergs to float in the ocean as opposed to sinking into it. Upstate reservoir suppliers have this phenomenon occur to them each year in late fall and also in the spring. When surface water gets colder and reaches 39.2 degrees F, the top layer of water will sink, being replaced with water from the bottom in a cycle causing silt and dirt to churn the water. It will become less clear or turbid, causing a greater impact to their filtration facility.

- 75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water.

- A person can live about a month without food but only days without water.

- There is more water in our atmosphere than in all the rivers combined.

- Water expands by 9% when it freezes. This is why frozen pipes typically break when they freeze.

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